Chef Geo Tapia

Chilean born Geo Tapia is head chef and owner of Two Beans and a Farm Restaurant. Entirely self taught, Geo established his first restaurant 12 years ago with a heavy influence from South American cuisine.

Bringing Chilean food to Bridge Road, Richmond, proved to be quite successful, with La Bohemia becoming a hub for the South American community. After four years at La Bohemia, Geo decided to gain further knowledge of the hospitality industry, working in several restaurants, bars and kitchens, which helped develop his French and Spanish cooking techniques.

After stints in the kitchen at Innocent Bystander in Healesville and Montsalvat's The Meeting Pool, Geo and his wife Hayley brought the empty shell of the Carome Homestead to life with the creation of the Two Beans and a Farm Restaurant.

Geo works closely with local suppliers to showcase the best of the what the region has to offer, incorporating fresh and sustainable local produce into vibrant yet simple dishes.

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